PJ's Home trade in

Home trade in

You can trade in your car, why not trade in your house?

It's pretty simple, and works just like it sounds.  Trade your house in for something bigger, better, or just in a different area.  Here's how it works:
  1. I will come do a personal assesment of your house, and figure out a fair trade in value
  2. After financing is figured out, you look for and find a new house
  3. Move in and enjoy your new place!

You save on commissions, and get to find and move into your new home without worriying about having to sell your house first!


If you would rather try your hand at the market, I also offer a home sale guarantee.  This is pretty simple as well.  If your house doesn't sell in a pre-determined amount of time, I will buy it from you!  Click the button above for more information.